Sep 11, 2010

A Rather Surprising Day

Just got back from my in-law's crib..Penat otak and penat kaki.  Cat Myspace Icon 22 
Imagine la we started the day as early as 9.30 this morning. 
Duhhh..we were partly anxious and blissful for today was supposed 
to be my youngest brother-in-law's engagement day. 
And his supposedly fiancée to be is a Muslim girl 
so we were super excited for we gleefully thought that we get to 
celebrate double occasions later makan2 kui raya..
rendang, nasi...haha. 
But sad to say, the engagement thing did not go well as planned..
the girl changed her mind and rejected the ring..
and we were all like..WTH...Rarrr 
Everybody fussed confusedly over the matter
..some complained that she should have told in the first place 
if she had second thoughts.
I had been to many joyous engagement ceremonies before..
but none of them ended tragically like this one...
adakah patut...deiii
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Sian my brother-in-law. Humiliating, it really was. 
He really cares deeply for this girl 
and yet, the latter know...
boleh2 dia cakap "Sorry, I love you but my feeling for you is 0 now.."..
hadoiiiii..come on la..she had been with my bro-in-law 
for quite some time..2 years something..
then tiba2 things turn out crazy mcm ni...
Then selidik punya selidik...
rupa2nya she has other love interest and that man 
has actually promised to propose to her very soon..
My jaw dropped open...really wide open upon hearing this. 
My husband was unconsciously wrenching my arm tightly..
I knew he was completely at his utmost madness. Smiley sees red 
Punyalah sakit my arm kena picit..deiiiii
Well...what can we say. After all, one can never pretend to love 
if she or he never does... (after 2 years..? hmm..)
memang tidak ada jodoh maybe..It was indeed a whole tearful, 
extremely sad farewell for my brother-in-law for he had to let go of her unwillingly. 
I wanted so much to string my words together and utter my discontentment 
but I just couldn't find the right ones to soothe my brother-in-law at that moment. 
I was stunned and numb. 
I was not prepared for such humiliation.
Each of us was not mentally ready. 
I caught glimpses of teary eyes here and there but I could not tell who. 
I was tearful too and hurting inside.
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Well..memang betul la kali tu cinta buta. 
Or rather..the eyes got blurred by something else.. RM, possibly.?
I just hope she had made a right choice.
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ciEk NiENa said...

erk, cian nya ur brother. camna la that girl bley reject camtu je. huhu.. be patient yea. wut goes around comes around :)

Gee said...

kan Niena..mmg sian dia..but he'll b okay tu..tq 4 visiting ^ - ^

Kyuubi_85 said...

tiada cinta buta. skrg semua penipu! i hope tht girl get twice dgn apa yg dia buat dgn ur brother in law..

Gee said...

Kyuubi : u bro-in-law is still very much in love with her despite apa the girl ordi buat to him..we try to bgi tau dia juga to just 4get her..but..hmm..hope the girl sedar la one day..sian my bro-in-law..

FloEllen said...

adui mandak..tragis juga ni...hrp2 semua ni ada hikmah disebalik...well..ko tau juga apa tu hukum karma kan mandakz...hmm...actly..sedih juga tp ur ipar hv to terima kenyataan lah kan...byk sdh jd mcm ni...dussss!!!!

Gee said...

Ellen : tu la bah..susah jga kita mo ckp klu hal yg bgini ni kan...ada saja yg unexpected moments begia..

deem said...

ada juga cerita mcm ni ka?bah..jaga2 kama wat u give u get kesian with ur brother -in-law

AngeL BeaR said...

hard to say when ppl suddenly change their mind...but she should have told your brother in law in advance..jangan la kasi malu orang mcm tu....anyway, the better one will come along.

Gee said...

Deem : tu la tu..jan pula lepas ni ada org tu dtg balik cari him..hehe
Angel : kan..spare la the humiliation..really pity my bro-in-law. worries..he'll survive without her..haha

zalizalu said...

saya tak dapat pape pon :((

Mama JnJ said...

aiseh baru baca ni..kesian sama dia kan..harap dia bersabarlah k...
(sa baca ni, macam dalam drama pula cerita dia..nda sangka jadi dlm khdpan kta..)
peace kakgee
p/s:shoutbox udah teda..huhu
tapi tapa, sa selalu jua mau datang sini

nur said...

baru terbaca n kesian nya..


Yui_Wani said...



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