May 24, 2010

The Justin Bieber Mania

Frankly, I really don't even know who Justin Bieber is! Suddenly he is all over the place.I have never either heard him sing (I honestly thought so..^ - ^) or seen him on TV until yesterday morning where Abby jumped frantically, breathed excitedly while showing me his picture in one of the local newspapers entertainment column.
Err..I thought okay la...except that the boy has a quite weird, horrendous haircut..and he sounds more like a girl ...hahaha.. (Justin, forgive me for this  ...haha) And...oh my..the song which Abby croons every second is actually HIS?..EMG..I smartly thought it was Miley's... 
So, on one fine Sunday morning, Abby managed to persuade her sleepy sister, Rachella to strum the guitar for her. You bet the song was Bieber's hit, Baby.

Baby (Cover)














Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris

I admit I am not a big fan of his music. But I am going to agree that this boy must really have some talent that Usher pursued him this far.(whooaa..I sound updated here, don't I? well, I've been reading about him since...*winks*) And probably he is well blessed with incredible aura which magnetically draws people closer to him. 

Let's just wish him all the best. I just hope that he would not be an old history once he grew up and that present voice changes to deeper tone then.



May 21, 2010


I started my morning today by checking my Facebook. Checked my inbox and there was a message from Malini, an old, funny friend of mine, a former workmate to be exact. She was transferred to the Peninsular a few years ago to reunite with her family after teaching for quite some time in Sabah. I ‘lost’ contact with her for I just could not find the time out of my busy schedules to stop and pick up the phone and say hi once in a while…

It surely feels good to get back in touch again with her after all these years. I am dying to know whether she has met the love of her life but I just could not bring myself to ask her the big Q.  ;-) But I would be just equally happy if she is leading her life without one at the moment. After all, with her bubbly and funny personality, she has lots of friends to share life's brightest and dullest sides with. She is that cool, almost about everything. goes on, many things change. I get older. She gets matured. My other friends do as well. Wrinkles are waving at us from every bay. My jaws drop when I learn that some of my best girlfriends quit their enviable 5-figure salary job just to raise kids and feed their husbands well. Frankly, I ever thought of doing the same thing few years back but I just could not. Teachers earn an unenviable 4-figure salary so I do not have a second, pretty option actually. So I just teach. Seems pathetic at times, I know. But I even get sadder upon knowing some of my gorgeous friends choose to remain alone for the fear of making a life commitment. Some even shut themselves completely from others. Some do call and text regularly. Some are just magically unreachable that I once thought they have left the world for good. 

Yet, there are still friendships that remain with me because of how much they meant to me. I marvel at Facebook because it gives me the opportunity to reconnect not only with long lost friends but with family as well. 
When my time permits, I will sit down, drop notes and reply comments. It gives me such a great feeling to talk and write to people I thought I had lost contact with. I must have been fortunate enough to have found them. Now that I teach (again because I do not have other option..haha) it draws me equally closer to my students as well... :-) Their chain of beautiful wishes for Mother's Day and Teacher's Day come handy through Facebook. There are even some who are really using it extra-ordinary WELL. For instance, a rather 'desperate' one as follows :

Nigel John Dawson Chc Teacher..Kasi lulus BI ahh..hehe
kalo ble teacher kasi A+++++ laaa..hehe
Teacher look very BiuTiPul laa..^^
Top of Form
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Check out my reply ...

Gee David
Dear Sir Nigel John Dawson Chc :
Here are some of the secrets of passing exams :
1.Get a good night FBing during exams is a great no-no..
2. Review your notes...a quick one helps refresh your mind..
3. Eat diet2 thing..after all, u r not running for any male beauty pageants.. :-D
4. Bring YOUR OWN pencils and pens...and correction fluid (pray u won't get caught 4 bringing tis) saves your time tremendously..
5. Be on time..
6. Listen to or read carefully the instructions..answer every questions unless there are other options..
7. Pace yourself...set your time frame for each question smartly so u can answer productively..
8. BE WELL-PREPARED AND CONFIDENT. But do remember..there's nothing for u to be confident of if u didn't prepare...simple as that. Take your test without getting stressed out and losing faith in yourself is half the battle.
I hope I have enlightened u a bit, Sir. And..oh.. by the way, for the BiuTiPul thing..I'll take that as an honest compliment ...... ^ - ^
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Oh my…I guess that is the beauty and bonus of being a friend and a teacher then…

May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Abigail

I can’t believe my baby girl is 12 today.
It wasn’t that long ago the nurse was placing her in my arms and my hubby’s for the first time. Since she comes third in the family, few years after the births of my cool Rachella and the soccer enthusiast Russel, her presence and addition to the family is indeed very much expected and greatly cherished by all.
Abigail is smart, beautiful and kind.
She is always smart as a young girl though there are times where she can be annoyingly stubborn.
She will fight for her rights if she thinks she deserves justice.
She asks unending questions and will never retreat from it that I often stumble on my words and confuse her more with my dead end explanation. :-)
Mind freaking at times yet the truth of the matter is that I couldn’t be prouder to be her mother.

May 12, 2010

The Shopping Itch

Last night I rummaged through my rattan basket in search for my Form 4 Literature reference books. I was planning to prepare few brief notes for the students to go through during their weekends before their first semester 2010 exam.
But instead of flipping through pages of ”In The Midst of Hardship, ‘He Had Such Quiet Eyesand QWERTYUIOPreference materials, I ended up curling in bed for an hour or..hours…turning down my favourite CLEO pages with newly featured range of GUESS watches, latest Clinique skincare products breakthrough… stuffs that I love. I then went on hoping for the school holiday to start very soon because that would be the best time for me to kick off the 'shopping season' with my other two shopping addict sisters. How I loved having and liking the thoughts of owning those stuffs..I closed my eyes, smiled, closed them again and smiled… before I finally dozed off. Somehow I managed to soothe my hurt soul not to feel crushed over an unsatisfied and unfulfilled craving.
But dear God has always been there for me. I guess He likes to keep me feel lifted up and vividly happy. What a gratifying sight I had when I reached school this morning. My two boxes of long-awaited shoes had finally arrived and they were neatly placed on my table. It sure made my day and satisfied a part of my lingering last night’s wish…

I love strappy heels…

the pink one..
I would not really call that morning purchase as shopping though. A good, rewarding shopping experience, for me, has to involve lots of stopping by for drinks and eating. However, the latter always exceeds its normal limit so we always end up binging and head for home, overeating.  : – ) Yet, it is an ultimately a feel-good thing. If you’re having a really bad day, it will be so much more immediately gratifying to go shopping. Going out and treating myself makes me feel like I am righting a wrong in some way..haha.  My loyal motivator would always be shopping because it lifts my spirit. It makes me feel better about myself and my place in the universe. Come on not wrinkle your nose. It is one of the world’s best form of therapies., you know...  ;-)
Besides, it is good to occasionally reward or affirm yourself with a purchase once in a while..or twice..could be thrice as well.. ;-) ;-).. Again...haha

May 6, 2010

What a wacky week....

My cousin Didi and her bubbly family came to visit last Saturday. It then turned out to be a very prospective, business visit where she actually intended to venture me into her latest stint :   AURALIFE...

a local brand which highlights their perfume product which has aura and heals souls, not to mention the aura of boosting your self-confidence and creativity between the sheets...ohoho..(yup...i know...but guys...u got to believe works....TREMENDOUSLY!) 

And so, I did 'profesionally' sniff all...since they are all oil-based and non-alcohol, they do last and smell fresh and nice.I must say the packaging is superbly cute as well. The perfumes come in cute, lil bottles with different colours (which represent different auras)...they look like bottled nail lacquer at times...
And that was not all...the company even has their AURA MINDA PINTAR pills which are popularly sought after by concerned parents for their teens. These are claimed to be able to help one studies with a clearer head and better focused. In fact, you can surf for extra info on these two products here :   
My Monday started quite dizzy and heavy..I felt bloated and dehydrated at the same time due to my excessive throw-ups the night before that I had to take 4 sachets of ORS ...I guess it must has something to do with the Mercilon pills. 
And so I have to think of other alternatives then in order not to get preggy... The thought of having to get up at nights...and chasing after curious toddlers at 41...come on...I'm done..urrgh

I managed to drag my heavy head and nauseous throat to school the next day. You bet there were piles of tasks waiting..

One of them was to prepare the sem 1 exam timetable for Form 4 & 5 which I did extremely fast (whoaa...) and proudly handed the copy to my PK Hem for his signature...only to learn later that there was one more additional, new subject this year, the 2 hour Bible Knowledge paper..oooo kkkkk...But that was not my only reason for my beyond explanation's frustration...I got so excited and energetic (most probably because of the aura thing eii...hahaha..) in preparing the time table that I happily placed Ainaty's  Account paper on May 28th...where we are supposed to start holidaying and waking up late...yayyy...But finally...siap juga my time table... 

And my.....thought I got it all covered. I got it all wrong, there was one more peeping urgency here. 
My English Club file crucially needed its updates for there would be some important people coming over to flip over those file pages..and the BEST part was...we got reminded at the very last tick of clock...seriously. Well...m not really trying to put the blame on some concerned parties here...but it happens all the time..yayy

But...I guess I can put up a smile now. Mission is well accomplished. ^ - ^


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