Sep 14, 2010

I Love Mr.Nuffnang...hee

SmileyStarted my morning today feeling quite heavy.
Macam bloated pun ada.Macam masuk angin pun ada.
(angin la mengkali...)
Had a very vague memory of the varieties of
raya delicacies yang I already feasted on Smiley
for the past 1 week...deiii. Too much.
Seriously, I can't go on stuffing food into my greedy mouth 
like this or else I will end up pumping fast like that big,
yellow, round Digi balloon ..
Like it or not, I must reschedule my time 
and rearrange my list-to-do for tomorrow. 
Reluctantly, I am. But I must get up fast and drag myself 
back to the right track. Duhhh.

Having said so, I am crucially in need to :

* detox...detox...detox
Feeling bloated is not comfy at all. Must flush out fast ni...
(I checked the white-blue box...
sib bek still got few sachets of my Juvanex)
Click here if you want more info on this amazing product

* sambung balik my exam paper marking
(2 more classes to go...mataiii) 

* put my culinary skills to baking
(my persuasive Abby kept on asking..
"When la mumy mo bikin itu pizza..
mummy suda janji kan...tuaaari lagi..")
Somehow, I regretted promising...

* check my long abandoned email
(my fellow teacher friends promised to submit 
their subject analysis by email during this raya holiday 
(which I very much doubt...haha) .. cos you see..
everybody will be superb busy entertaining
other tempting, irresistible stuffs this raya.. haa

 * proceed with the subject analysis thing
(17 subjects tu...I should have started hitting 
the keyboard keys for this thing 1 week ago...sigh) 

* prepare my daily lesson plan for next week
(and worksheets..and owh..notes for students also...) 
Smiley many tasks and yet so little time left..
tu la...jalan lagi..makan lagi..cerita lagi

So..with all those incomplete, unfinished business hovering
over my indecisive mind (on which task should I embark on first..)..
I slowly took my seat in front of my lappy 
and peeped into my Nuffnang earnings..
huhh?..I rubbed my sleepy eyes..blinked profusely
then rubbed them again...blinked3X again
woisseyy..I got 2 BE from Mr.Nuffnang, peeps..!
And that least made my day and put smiles on my face..
I lebiuu Mr.Nuffnang...hehe  :D

Sep 12, 2010

Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya : Brutally Murdered

Could not be true. Please don't tell me that this is true. Do console me that this is only a random speculation. Should it be true, then what more could we hold to ensure safety out there.. What a dreadful, horrendous, terrifying way to end one's life. The shocking, spine-chilling ending could happen to anybody without our knowing. People that we love the most are gone in seconds and the thought of not being able to say proper goodbye to them intensely hurts like hell.

Klik sini untuk berita lanjut

I sincerely hope this is not the final, concluding outcome of the missing Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and her companions' missing case. For one visional lady entrepreneur like her, I am sure she still has lots of brilliant ideas in store to offer and share with us all. Please do not let them die. At least, bukan sesingkat ini...

Sep 11, 2010

A Rather Surprising Day

Just got back from my in-law's crib..Penat otak and penat kaki.  Cat Myspace Icon 22 
Imagine la we started the day as early as 9.30 this morning. 
Duhhh..we were partly anxious and blissful for today was supposed 
to be my youngest brother-in-law's engagement day. 
And his supposedly fiancĂ©e to be is a Muslim girl 
so we were super excited for we gleefully thought that we get to 
celebrate double occasions later makan2 kui raya..
rendang, nasi...haha. 
But sad to say, the engagement thing did not go well as planned..
the girl changed her mind and rejected the ring..
and we were all like..WTH...Rarrr 
Everybody fussed confusedly over the matter
..some complained that she should have told in the first place 
if she had second thoughts.
I had been to many joyous engagement ceremonies before..
but none of them ended tragically like this one...
adakah patut...deiii
Smiley 193Smiley 188
Sian my brother-in-law. Humiliating, it really was. 
He really cares deeply for this girl 
and yet, the latter know...
boleh2 dia cakap "Sorry, I love you but my feeling for you is 0 now.."..
hadoiiiii..come on la..she had been with my bro-in-law 
for quite some time..2 years something..
then tiba2 things turn out crazy mcm ni...
Then selidik punya selidik...
rupa2nya she has other love interest and that man 
has actually promised to propose to her very soon..
My jaw dropped open...really wide open upon hearing this. 
My husband was unconsciously wrenching my arm tightly..
I knew he was completely at his utmost madness. Smiley sees red 
Punyalah sakit my arm kena picit..deiiiii
Well...what can we say. After all, one can never pretend to love 
if she or he never does... (after 2 years..? hmm..)
memang tidak ada jodoh maybe..It was indeed a whole tearful, 
extremely sad farewell for my brother-in-law for he had to let go of her unwillingly. 
I wanted so much to string my words together and utter my discontentment 
but I just couldn't find the right ones to soothe my brother-in-law at that moment. 
I was stunned and numb. 
I was not prepared for such humiliation.
Each of us was not mentally ready. 
I caught glimpses of teary eyes here and there but I could not tell who. 
I was tearful too and hurting inside.
Smiley 191
Smiley 191
Well..memang betul la kali tu cinta buta. 
Or rather..the eyes got blurred by something else.. RM, possibly.?
I just hope she had made a right choice.
Smiley 125Smiley 125Smiley 125Smiley 125

Sep 9, 2010

A Raya Tag For 1Malaysia

A very quick entry and tag meant specially
for all my blogger friends out there
A simple card to wish you all 
a prosperous year ahead
    A sincere wish for a better world to live in

The above 2nd card was viewed at Google and later adapted by me...hee
Hope this card makes your Raya a wonderful one...
 have a memorable one, peeps!
Happy Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Dan Batin


Life's Too Short