May 12, 2010

The Shopping Itch

Last night I rummaged through my rattan basket in search for my Form 4 Literature reference books. I was planning to prepare few brief notes for the students to go through during their weekends before their first semester 2010 exam.
But instead of flipping through pages of ”In The Midst of Hardship, ‘He Had Such Quiet Eyesand QWERTYUIOPreference materials, I ended up curling in bed for an hour or..hours…turning down my favourite CLEO pages with newly featured range of GUESS watches, latest Clinique skincare products breakthrough… stuffs that I love. I then went on hoping for the school holiday to start very soon because that would be the best time for me to kick off the 'shopping season' with my other two shopping addict sisters. How I loved having and liking the thoughts of owning those stuffs..I closed my eyes, smiled, closed them again and smiled… before I finally dozed off. Somehow I managed to soothe my hurt soul not to feel crushed over an unsatisfied and unfulfilled craving.
But dear God has always been there for me. I guess He likes to keep me feel lifted up and vividly happy. What a gratifying sight I had when I reached school this morning. My two boxes of long-awaited shoes had finally arrived and they were neatly placed on my table. It sure made my day and satisfied a part of my lingering last night’s wish…

I love strappy heels…

the pink one..
I would not really call that morning purchase as shopping though. A good, rewarding shopping experience, for me, has to involve lots of stopping by for drinks and eating. However, the latter always exceeds its normal limit so we always end up binging and head for home, overeating.  : – ) Yet, it is an ultimately a feel-good thing. If you’re having a really bad day, it will be so much more immediately gratifying to go shopping. Going out and treating myself makes me feel like I am righting a wrong in some way..haha.  My loyal motivator would always be shopping because it lifts my spirit. It makes me feel better about myself and my place in the universe. Come on not wrinkle your nose. It is one of the world’s best form of therapies., you know...  ;-)
Besides, it is good to occasionally reward or affirm yourself with a purchase once in a while..or twice..could be thrice as well.. ;-) ;-).. Again...haha



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