Jan 13, 2009

Adam's orthopaedic review

M posting tis from my SE K810i..issshhh..m getting bored here waiting n staring at that number screen..yawns..sudah la my day started early tis mrning..Headed 4 KK arnd 8 after dropping rachel n abby at schl..now m in QEH KK waiting wt adam 4 his turn..his is 5750..and the screen has been displaying 5716 for more than 1/2 hour now..my tummy gve all kinds of weird sounds da ne..adam pula becomes restless..yet surprisingly my hubby manage 2 tke a nap on this hard, blue, cushionless chair.. Miss my schl sports day 2day..fortunately my pgetua granted me 2 days of unrecorded leave 2 get tis review done..it's only 5719 now...adeiii :-S


Life's Too Short