Jan 31, 2009

Nadene turns one!

I'm in kampung..just got here last nite cos my sis kept on calling n pestering me to come home earlier for her lil one's birthday. Look at her..isn't she adorable:-*..here's my sis Marsha's 1st love, Nadene Arissa who turns one 2day. Our journey back here worths millions everytime we see her big eyes lit with smile upon seeing familiar faces. She's camera friendly..knws exactly how n when 2 pose for you..her birthday is actually on Jan 27th..but the party only kicks today for her mom wants everyone 2 b here...well, not everyone manages to make it thou..my bro Fred is away in Kedah n Bob is on course in Kuching..my petite sis Milla is busy attending to her 2nd newborn in Sandakan...n my sis Lia in Membakut is all of sudden down with flu la pula.
Errrr..can't really stick to my diet plan 2day..like rugi punya if m x eating heeeheee...my sis caters lots n lots of devilish-looking dishes that it's kinda an offence for not scooping them onto my plate..well, esok msi ada ...can always resume dieting after tis...ehehe
somehow...got to get rid of that extra 3 kilos fast...before tis coming May..uhuks


13may said...

hepi besday nadene :)

Azer Mantessa said...

happy birthday Nadene :-)

yep, i'm the same person at tagged



Comelnya dia! Selamat hari lahir Nadene!

poyotito's said...

comel gila.

sebijik err...macam gua.

SarjaN yO said...

HappY BirthDay...

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