Jan 26, 2009

Am I connected or what...?

Hisssssssssssshhhh kin panas betul tis internet connection...i was on streamyx few hours ago but couldn't get to check my email pun..tot of watching TV3 Melodi online cos missed the show yesterday but alas....wahhhh the connection bukan main lagi stated EXCELLENT there but it wasn't at all...!!! i clicked pause n waited for hours for a part to load...then play then nmpak la sikit pastu loading loading loadinggggggggggg....ingat ne mcm bas ka mo berhenti2...eiiiiiiiiii!!! then finally i use my celcom broadband to surf..okay la mula2 but after few couple of minutes then this device pnya lampu pandai hilang2 la pula..so you try la to guess how many times i have to reconnect mmang kin panassssssssssss...ka laptop sa ne yg buang tebiat..but i never fail to perform disk cleanup n delete all those temporary internet files tau..so apa ka halnya my internet connection sucks!!!! Adeiii...evrytime we have problems wth this so-called smart notebooks at school msti my fren c pezal cakap yg laptop kami cap ayam...grrrrrrr time desperate mcm skarang ne his words kind of logic jugak...feel like trashing tis Acer da...but..come to think of it..is it really my laptop..or the connection memang tia boleh pakai punya...i spend over a hundred every month to pay 4 these two devices...n yet they are not at their best at times....kadang2 ja kin sanang hati...yg time lain tu kin panas hati berbubble2 lagi ne...

But...if my laptop la yg really needs fixing...why on earth my oversea friends can watch the recorded TV3 Melodi with ease...they say teda jam pun..hmmmm...sepa menteri IT kita tu...i think it's about time u play ur part here regarding the country's internet connection...i want a fuss-free internet line please....value for my money? questionable...

There...having said that..this post pun i have to reclick 'publish post' for...God knows how many times...hisssssssssssssssssssshhhh :-/


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